Pastor Joe’s desk

I hope you have all enjoyed a good start to the New Year and
are enjoying the Lord’s blessing. The church is starting to fill
up again as some of our folks who have been in isolation have
returned and we have seen a lot of new people coming to
church over the last few weeks.

At the start of February our Sunday morning service included
the towns Air Cadets of which one of our Elders, Peter
Luckman is Padre. The same evening, we were delighted to
baptise four ladies rounding off a very good and blessed day.

Not everything has been good, and we suffered some severe
damage during the gales, happily this has not impacted the
services or work of the church and we expect repairs to be
done soon.

So, the year has begun with some surprises and many
blessings. I invite you to come along and be part of what I
believe will be a wonderful year at Evangel Church.

Every blessing,
Pastor Joe