Pastor Joe’s desk

6th October 2021


I want to encourage everyone who can attend our services to do so. I know that many folks
are still wary of group events, but the church is as safe as we can make it with sensible
precautions and behaviour. Nobody attending over the last weeks has been ill because of
coming to church.

We have however been enjoying God’s presence and the fellowship of brothers and sisters,
friends and visitors and of course missing those who have been absent.
As some of you will know the church has been recently decorated and there is plenty of room for sensible distancing, the wearing of masks is optional.
I look forward to welcoming you back and for those still unable to attend, to speaking to you on the Sunday telephone service.

So, all are welcome, bring a friend, if you have been visiting us via our telephone service while your own church has been closed you are very welcome to visit in person, but I would encourage you to support your own local church if it is now open. Of course, I would be delighted to have you share with us via our continued Virtual service at 2pm each Sunday.  

Be Blessed, see you soon!

Pastor Joe