Pastor Joe’s desk

August 15th 2023

Hello everyone! I trust you are all enjoying God’s rich blessing.

Personally, this year has been a difficult one, as many will know I have been in and out of
hospital and have a few more trips to make before everything is done. However, the ministry of the church has gone on in my absence with our elder Peter and deacon Shirley assisted by others, taking much of the strain for which I am very grateful.

Over the last few weeks, I have been able to get back into church and I was delighted to be
able to ‘inaugurate’ our new baptistry as we baptised two candidates on Sunday night.
It is also lovely to see new faces in our services and the success of the new monthly worship service on the first Saturday in the month. It would be great if as many as possibly can would support such new initiatives as well as the regular services. Evangel is making an impact on the town but our impact will be all the greater if the community can see how much Christ and the church means to us all.
Every Blessing,
Pastor Joe