Evangel Church has a vision to become a Christ centred hub for the local community. We see a church which functions seven days a week. We plan to create an upstairs space behind the sanctuary which will be the heart of the building from which various teams will function, it will be a gathering place for prayer, and team administration. It will be used by Evangelism, visitation, youth work, children’s work, trainers, hospitality teams, mother and baby workers, missions, community care, prison visitation, greeters, counsellors, prayer coordinators, prayer team, deacons, outreach team (different to evangelism) church planters and worship leaders.

The teams themselves will meet in spaces created downstairs in the reconfigured church hall and in the sanctuary.

A new Kitchen and seating area will be developed along with modern toilet facilities. Hot drinks, light snacks and a chat will be available throughout the day.

There is also much work to be done in the sanctuary to make it a more functional worship space.

Architects plans have been drawn up and already our small congregation have contributed over £100k to improvements however we need to raise a further £250k.

Our focus will always be to bring men and women to the worship and discipleship of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Above all we value your prayers!

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